Membership Packages

Winter Bundle Pack– 24 hours of hire plus free putting green use £330

(nets cost down to £13.75 from £25 per hour) Use your hours as and when you want to from 9am til 8pm Mon-Fri Sat- 9am-3pm

Winter Practice and Coach Pack – 24 hours of hire, free putting green use & 5 Lessons £530

(as above plus 5 lessons for price of 4) Do you want to improve your game to either win tournaments or just have more fun, then this bespoke lesson plan tailored for you is perfect. Full Swing Analysis, understanding the data for smarter practice, short game, putting, course management, shot shaping and shot selection are all area that can be looked at to make you a better player.

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Get full use of Foresight Sports Tech and GC Quad, plus a free account with FSX Live. FSX live account allows you to track all your progress from range to course, including all club data analysis which can also be shared with your coach to give feedback on your practice.

Foresight Sports Software has pre loaded programmes to help you structure your practice from Know Your Numbers to short game skills challenges. Practice your long game on a championship hole like Hogans Alley at Carnoustie.

With over 40 world class courses to play on the system you can come and test your skill and practice with full hole visual to get instant feedback or come and have some fun with friends and play Pebble Beach. Monthly 9 Hole competitions will be running on custom courses, with a chance to win anything from new clubs to bags.

Some of the courses on offer-

  • St Andrews
  • Spyglass
  • Valderrama
  • Emirates
  • Troon
  • Pebble Beach






Practice using club face data, know exactly what the club is doing through the ball with every shot. Do you stand on a range hitting ball after ball thinking you are practicing the right things your coach is telling you? Club face data takes the guessing work out of your practice, allowing you to practice smarter!

Example below of what the GC Quad will show you,



All members get exclusive deals on equipment, Custom Fit, Repairs and access to coaches with proven track records of developing players to national and European Tour levels.